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Recycling Facts

  • In 2006, C & M recycled 394,938 tons of concrete.
  • In 2005, C & M recycled 104,266 tons of concrete.
  • In 2004, C & M recycled 73,643 tons of concrete.
  • Recycling concrete can be very beneficial. Recycling can prolong the life of current landfills.
  • Contractors can save money using recycled stone materials on the jobsite.
  • In 2004- Mecklenburg County had 350,000 tons of construction and demolition waste.
  • According to the CMRA, 140 million tons of C&D are recycled with concrete being the most recycled material in the US.
  • In many areas of the nation, recycled stone products make up the bulk for stone material used on the jobsites.
  • Some areas of the nation are pushing for mandatory recycling efforts on all construction projects.


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